Bucket List

A crew of four guys have been on the chase of catching a yellowfin on fly. That chase landed them with us here at JSO. They give themselves 4 days to conquer this goal. Day one was all big blackfin on fly ranging in the 30lb size. The next day was completely different. After a long drift the yellowfin have found us, or have we found them! They are giving us shot after shot, finally connection! Mr. Jeff landed a nice 93lb yellowfin on fly. The next day we would have a first timer for one of the crew. Mr. Peak landed himself a perfect 50lber on fly. The last day was nothing but the big girls, which led to a two hour battle and ended up losing her 20’ under the boat. She was estimated 120lbs. Wow did this crew hit it at perfectly. Along with great fishing, came great dinners.

Venice, LA
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